The contest is addressed to all the students participating in the “Measure Your Lifestyle!” debates organized within the program. The deadline for the submission of the essays is communicated at the end of each debate.

Contest Topic

Starting from the topic of the program “Measure Your Lifestyle!”, the students participating in the contest will write an essay, presenting the principles which guide them to have a balanced life and successful career. The essay must have maximum 5 pages and should be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt fonts.

Written in a personal manner, the essay will present the student’s opinions (with reference to concrete situations, if it is the case) about the following:

  • The principles guiding them in having a balanced lifestyle;
  • The obstacles they came across, preventing them from “measuring their lifestyle”
  • The causes leading to alcohol abuse
  • How can one succeed in life while “measuring one’s lifestyle”.
Registration in the Contest

The students who participated in the debates organized within the program can register in the contest by the deadline communicated at the end of the debate, by sending an essay to the e-mail address

In the upper right corner of the first page, students are asked to write their full name, their university and academic year.

By their participation in the contest, the writers of the essays give the programme initiators (URSUS Breweries and PRAIS Corporate Communications) the right to publish these essays on the website as well as in any other material connected to this programme.

1st Prize

Excellence Diploma, three-months subscription at a fitness center/swimming pool, sport set, and a knapsack.
2nd Prize

Excellence Diploma, one-month subscription at a fitness center/swimming pool, fitness set, and a knapsack.
3rd Prize

Excellence Diploma, sport set, and a knapsack.
Jury Assessment

All the essays registered in the contest are codified by PRAIS Corporate Communications before being sent for assessment to the Jury members.
The Jury is composed of:

  • A representative of URSUS Breweries;
  • Dr. Aurora Liiceanu, psychologist;
  • Dr. Lucian Vasilescu – Director of the Disintoxication Unit of “Alexandru Obregia” Hospital;
  • The special guest in the debate.

Each Jury member shall assess the essays independently, granting ratings from 1 to 5 for each assessment criterion:

  • - Originality in approaching the topic;
  • - Quality of the arguments;
  • - Capacity of analysis and summarization.

The results of the assessment are centralized by an independent audit firm.


Out of the essays registered in the contest after each debate, 3 will be declared winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes). The awards will be announced and handed over on the date communicated in the invitation to the contest addressed to the participants in the debates.

For additional information, please contact:

PRAIS Corporate Communications
Dana Dumitrescu / Mihaela Grigorescu
Tel. 021.317.53.39, 317.53.40, 316.82.04
Fax: 021.316.81.90