Contest rules

The online contest “Measure Your Lifestyle!” is addressed to all the pupils and students in the country who visit the website

Starting from the theme of the program “Measure Your Lifestyle!”, the youngsters registering in the contest will have to write an essay of maximum 2 pages, presenting the principles which guide them to have a balanced life and successful career.

The participants shall fill in all the compulsory fields marked with * and send their essays. The essays meeting the requirements will be posted on the website.
By their participation in the contest, the writers of the essays give the programme initiators (URSUS Breweries and PRAIS Corporate Communications) the right to publish these essays in any material connected to this programme.

The essays registered in the contest will be assessed on line, by the website visitors. The stars indicate a certain score, star 1 has the value of one point, and star 5 is worth 5 points, which is the highest score that an essay can obtain from a visitor. The points cumulated by each participant in the contest are calculated automatically by the system. One person can vote for several essays, by granting different scores. Moreover, the same person cannot vote for the same essay twice.

Fitness set and rucksack branded with the company logo and the logo of the programme "Measure Your Lifestyle!".

Award of the Winners
The winners will be awarded at the beginning of each month. “The Winner of the Month” will be contacted by PRAIS Corporate Communications for the handover of the prizes.



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