Dr. Lucian Vasilescu - Director of the Disintoxication Unit of “Alexandru Obregia” Hospital



  • All drunkards are the same;
  • Alcohol consumption is a characteristic of persons without a character, of weak, mean, immoral, sinful persons, without a will;
  • It is only their fault
  • The approach of addiction is focused on learning the right moral things. “He should quit! What, did I put the glass in his hand?!...”
  • Addiction is one-dimensional: in assessing the severity of the problem, we should refer only to the doses and frequency of drug consumption;
  • Destroying the habit is a matter of “all or nothing”;
  • Treatment = education or punishment;
  • Successful treatment = total abstinence.


  • They are all the same, they are victims of society;
  • They received wrong education;
  • Lack of information;
  • We live in a transition era;
  • They have financial problems, special life problems;
  • Financial discrepancies;
  • Lack of role models;
  • Reversion of values;
  • Lack of occupation/spare time;
  • The blame is to be put on the society and/or family;
  • They have no responsibility;
  • We must help them, accept and understand them;
  • Treatment = help;
  • Success = abstinence.


  • Alcohol addiction is a psychopathologic behavior, a disease;
  • Addiction originates in physiological processes, it has organic causes;
  • It is nobody’s fault; it’s a disease, it’s a fatality;
  • The addict is the victim of uncontrollable causes;
  • Addiction is a sort of disease in which the patient cannot do anything and the doctor prescribes medicines;
  • Approaching the addict is based on the treatment of the root causes;
  • Addiction is one-dimensional;
  • It is the doctor’s responsibility whether the patient is cured or not;
  • Destroying the habit is a matter of “all or nothing”;
  • Successful treatment = total abstinence.

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