In such a dynamic economic and social context which influences our perceptions, decisions and behaviors, "measuring your lifestyle" means giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy what is best for you, while maintaining a balance between what is beneficial for you and what you like. With this in mind, URSUS Breweries launched last year one of the most important social responsibility programs, aimed at promoting a balanced, abuse-free lifestyle, as well as at encouraging dialogue on responsible alcohol consumption and not only.

Any excess leads to personal, social and medical costs for individuals, their families and society as a whole. Young people are very sensitive to temptations of any kind, which more often lead to highly dangerous vices and addictions. According to a survey conducted last year by the Public Health Authority from Bucharest on a sample of 2,800 pupils, almost one quarter of the secondary school pupils got drunk at least once by the time they were 14. The situation is even more worrying among high school students. One out of 3 boys and one out of 10 girls admit having consumed alcohol in excess, at least once a month. 70% of the pupils admit having drunk more than they should have, at least once.

The main goal of "Measure Your Lifestyle!" is to promote a balanced, abuse-free lifestyle among youngsters. Because excessive alcohol consumption is one of the most frequent abuses encountered in society, URSUS Breweries considers that it is its duty, as a brewing company, to promote responsible alcohol consumption and encourage dialogue on this topic.